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How to play VirtueGame
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Virtue Game

Can you be trusted with a treasured pet fish? Or name five things you have in common with the person next to you? You’ll have the chance to try when you play the VirtueGame! Be prepared for silly fun, working with others to earn all your virtues and win the game!


Made in U.S.A.
Price: $25.00 plus FREE SHIPPING.
Age: 5+ with reading help, 3-6 players
Play time : 20 minutes.


The VirtueGame is a fun, bingo-style card game that focuses on ten virtues: compassion, respect, enthusiasm, trust, friendliness, determination, responsibility, integrity, cooperation and thankfulness.

To win the game, kids have to earn five out of the ten virtues by completing the tasks described on each card they draw. For example, a "Thankfulness" card asks the player to hold their breath for as long as they can. When they are finished, the card asks; "aren’t you thankful to breathe again?" and reminds the player to be thankful for things that we sometimes take for granted. Tasks often have to be completed cooperatively and require respectful listening to other players.

The VirtueGame makes virtues concrete. It helps kids experience virtues through play so that they can internalize what they mean. The word "play" is important – the game is social, interactive, and silly. It teaches by surprise.